The prize for the record on GM150

Conditions of prize for the record on GM150

The current absolute record on the GM150 gripmeter was set on March 25, 2022 and is 159.3 kg. It was established by Vitaly Laletin, a multiple world champion in arm wrestling.

Starting from May 1, 2023, we are announcing a prize for setting a new record!

Rules: The ranking participant who sets a new officially recognized absolute record will receive a prize.
Now the starting prize amount will be $ 50. Further, the amount will increase by $0.25 every day until the record is set. The record holder will receive the amount of the prize fund, and the new prize fund will be reset to the starting value of $ 50.
The same participant cannot receive a prize 2 times in a row.
At the start of the competition, everyone can compete for the prize, including the current champion.
Methods of receiving funds: The funds will be transferred to the Paypal account.  
So, for today, the prize fund is:   56.75 dollars.