GripperMania Certification Rules

The best certification for grippers in the world

GripperMania Certification Rules
GripperMania Certification Rules

GM Certification (GMC) is a unique certification for closing hand grippers. Today, there are many different certifications, the main ones are COC, GHP, and MashMonster. All these certifications have features that do not suit us. Therefore, we had to spend a lot of time, effort and money to implement our best certification project.

Specifically for GMC, springs made by Warren Tetting were selected and we have kept the corresponding names as a tribute. The handles of the grippers are made by special order. GMC consists of 16 grippers that differ from each other in the diameter of the spring wire. All grippers are regulated in a certain range of strength.

SMSuper Master
GMGrand Master
SESuper Elite
GEGrand Elite
WCWorld Class


The exact strength of the expander will be adjusted using the VRGC Grippermeter.

There are three independent certifications in GMC. They differ in the type of installation:

1. 20 mm block set. Certification starts from 50 kg. The minimum step is 0.5 kg.

2. No set. Certification starts from 50 kg. The minimum step is 0.5 kg.

3. Chest Crush. Certification starts from 110 kg. The minimum step is 1 kg.

Certification takes place in person, at Grippermania events.

Certification rules:

certification with a 20 mm block

- The gripper closes with the set of 20 mm between the handles. To measure this distance, you need to use a block in the form of a polypropylene tube with a diameter of 20 mm. Instead of a tube, it is allowed to use a 20 mm rectangular block.

- After installing the gripper, you need to hold the entire width of the tube between the handles and only then proceed to close the gripper. It is necessary to close with one hand, the help of the second hand is allowed only for initial set. For set, it is allowed to rest against the body and legs, but the expander should not leave the limits of visibility of your camera for video shooting.

Certification no set

- The gripper is closed with only one hand. The help of the second hand or any other part of the body is prohibited. The distance between the handles is 60-70 mm, depending on the instance.

Chest Crush Certification

- Chest Crush is a closing of the gripper with two hands in front of the chest. To reduce the risk of injury, pads will be installed on each gripper. If it is not convenient for you to press in the pads, it is allowed to remove them.