Measuring the grippers (calibrator) GripperMeter aRGC

Device for measuring the exact load of grippers

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We present you the meter of the  gripper GripperMeter aRGC!. Also, many people know this device as a "calibrator". In fact, this term means something completely different. But this is certainly not the main thing. The main thing is that you can order yourself exactly the same!

Grippermeter is designed to fulfill the main features of the American RGC measurement method. We decided that RGC is quite popular in the world, so we did not invent some system of our own, which is completely different from anything else. RGC is a measurement method in which a load is hung on the end of the handle of the gripper and brought to the closure. This is the simplest measurement method, but it is not particularly accurate. Many factors can affect the accuracy. In addition, it is physically very tedious method.

Therefore, we took the best from RGC and improved it in terms of accuracy and minimized the impact of the human factor on the final result.

The results obtained on our measuring machines do not contradict the RGC, but they improve it.

If you want to denote our method separately, you can use the notation accurate RGC or aRGC.

The meter has a compact size and low weight. You can take measurements on any table, even in your apartment. It is not necessary to have a workshop or garage.

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Our advantages:

  • The ability to measure any hand gripper of the torsion type, as well as adjustable gripper of the Vulcan and Ant type
  • It is possible to measure with an accuracy of up to hundredths
  • Measurement before closing the handles of the gripper
  • The width of the traction bar is exactly 1,000 inches, which corresponds to the width of the strap used in the RGC methodThe traction bar is made of steel, which means that the bar is not subject to deformation as a rag strap
  • The traction bar is always set the same way on any gripper, at any measurement, without any effort. Thus, the human factor is excluded, when you need to put the strap (strap) at the end of the handle of the gripper "on the eye". As a rule, when exposed "to the eye", an error of +/- one or two millimeters is obtained. And this can significantly affect the final result, especially on powerful grippers.
  • The possibility of controlled stabilization of the strength of the grippers. This is especially true for new grippers (not everyone knows yet, but new grippers become weaker after a while)
 Easy installation of the gripper  in the clip The traction hook eliminates installation errors. Compact size and light weightLarge measurement limit.Robust steel frame