Gripmeter (dynamometer) GM150

The best device for measuring grip strength

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The gripmeter GM150  is a device for measuring hand strength.  Name in the manufacturer's language: "силомер, динамометр гм150". This gripmeter (dynamometer) is not a medical device and is positioned as a competitive device. It is designed to record the strength of the hands, to track the progress of the squeezing grip force, and to participate in Contest.

To take part in the contest, you must follow the RULES.

Design features.

The gripmeter is a steel frame, inside which the crane scales are fixed. The device has two handles. One handle is fixed and connected to the frame of the device, and the second handle is movable. You can use the adjustment bolt to increase or decrease the overall width of the handles. The gripmeter handles are made in the form of tubes that are similar in size to the handles of hand grippers.


1. Comfortable grip, close in shape to the grippers, which allows you to put all your hand power.

2. Adjustable handle width.

3. High limit of measurement. Many gripmeters (dynamometers) do not allow you to reveal the capabilities of very strong people. The crane scales used in the GM-150 are designed for 150 kg, but during testing it was found that these scales do not have a 150 kg limiter.

4. Registration of records. Everyone can participate in the ratings and climb up the ladder of records!

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