Here you can get acquainted with the development of the Grippermania project, and in particular with the history of the creation and development of the GM150 gripmeter. 

The idea to create a gripmeter and a rating appeared around 2011-2012. She had been spinning in her head for many years and then one day....

spring 2018v1.0 The first incarnation. The frame is made of wooden bars. We discussed with Sergey Sankov the possibility of creating our own gripmeter.  Sergey offered to use his scales to conduct experiments. I made a wooden frame. The results were about 100 kg.  The photos have not been preserved.
September - November 2018

v2.0 From scraps of pipes, I welded the first version in metal.  The working name was vanodin 150.


v3.0 The first pre-production sample.  I tried to use all my skills to make something more beautiful than the last sample. It was assumed that I would send this copy to like-minded comrades in the business so that they could evaluate the device. And so it was for a while. Ivan Tikhonov, Sergey Likhutyev, Alexey Pritula were the first to test their strength. But the gripmeter quickly settled with a friend who offered to buy it back.


v4.0 An attempt to replace 20mm square pipes with an 8mm circle. Time-consuming manufacturing and difficulties in finding the necessary parts, put an end to this modification. Three pieces were made. One is destroyed, and two are still in the hands of people.


v3.1 The first serial sample. This sample marked the beginning of the popularity of the GM 150. The name "GM150" was applied using an engraver. In the future, it was replaced with an aluminum nameplate.


v3.2 Replaced 20mm pipes with 15mm. About 10 copies were made. 


v3.3 In search of a new design, such copies were made. About 5 pieces were made.


v5.0 The side profile pipes were replaced with thin plates. This sample marked the beginning of the second production model.


v6.0 The third production model, which gave a strong increase in the popularity of the project.  Everyone liked the minimalistic design of thin plates. In fact, the first samples of such a design appeared in the summer of 2020, but were postponed for six months, as there were difficulties with the implementation of the design.


v6.1 This time the scales have been updated. Now the scales began to record the maximum result. There was also a sticker with the name. For about 8 more months, the GM150 was released in two versions. Without fixing the maximum result GM150 and with fixing GM150 FIX. The GM150 FIX kit included a convenient pouch for storage and carrying. Later, when the model without fixing ceased to be produced, the name GM150 FIX was abolished. Now it's just GM150.


v6.2 The appearance of an enlarged version of the GM 150. During a meeting with Vitaly Laletin, I discovered that people have hands much larger than mine. The current GM150 frame was small for Vitaly. Within two months I implemented GM150 Big.


v7.0 It was inconvenient to produce two versions of the case, so I was thinking about implementing a universal model.  At this stage, the dimensions of the handles and the space for the hand were standardized. The mounting of the scales to the frame has been changed.


v8.0 Developed a new scale mount. The adjusting bolt was carried to the top of the frame.


v8.1 Replacement of ordinary black paint with paint with a hammer effect.   The handles are also painted. During the tests, this paint showed excellent adhesion under the condition of using high-quality magnesia. A sticker with the name appeared on the side Grippermania.ru.


v8.2 Replacement of the thumbscrew of the adjusting bolt with a plastic one.


v8.3 Frame color options: silver-black and silver-brown. The mounting bolts have been replaced. New sticker design on the scale. There are several options for the colors of the bags.


v8.4 A new lamb for adjustment. Metal case colors: Black silver, black bronze


v8.5. Metal case color "black copper"

15.02.2024v8.6. Speaker removed

v8.7. The adjustment range has been reduced to optimal. The total length of the gripmeter has decreased. Fasteners have been changed to increase the strength of the structure.  The double round holes in the transverse plates have been replaced with square ones with rounded corners.