GM150 Contest Rules

To participate, you must follow the rules

foto dynamometer GM150

Only original GM150 gripmeters are used for rating.  It is forbidden to modify the GM150. Results from other similar devices are not counted.

1.Enable video recording on your recording device.

2. Take a  gripmeter and:

a) turn it on by pressing the red button. (It is best to hold the dynamometer by the body or put it on the table to enable the ready mode as quickly as possible). Wait for the ready mode - 3 zeros will appear on the scoreboard.


b) If the GM150 is already enabled, briefly press the red button to reset it. In this case, the gripmeter should be held by the body or put on the table.


3. Wait for ready mode - 3 zeros will appear on the display.

4. you need to show the camera that the display mode in kilograms (kg) is selected.

5.If there is a need, you can help install with your second hand.

6. Remove the other hand and squeeze the gripmeter handles.

7. the gripmeter must be completely in the frame, as well as the hand that performs the compression. There should be a space between the edges of the video recording and the gripmeter housing. It is forbidden to use hand bandages. It is forbidden to use hand bandages. It is forbidden to use patches on the hands and on the handles of the GM150. The figures that can be distinguished on the video you present are counted. If you have reaped a bigger result, but you can see a smaller one, then the smaller one will count.

8. Nothing should touch the gripmeter during the exercise, except the squeezing hand. It is forbidden to rest the dynamometer and brush, which compresses the body, walls, floor, tables, chairs and any other objects. It is forbidden to use hand bandages and plasters.

9. The result is added to the database based on the judge's decision.

10. you need to upload the Original video to any cloud resource (for example, and send a link to this video to our email address or in a personal message on Vkontakte, instagram, or telegram. Videos from social networks and messengers are not accepted.

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