GM150 Contest Rules

To participate, you must follow the rules

Only original GM150 are used to participate in the competition. It is forbidden to modify the GM150  in any way.

1. Be a member of the Grippermania group on Telegram

2. Record your attempt on video with a sufficiently high image definition and level of detail:

+ Show GM150 from all sides

+ Press the button to reset the readings.

+ Place your hand in the center of the GM150 handles, squeeze them and show the final result. The GM150  and the hand that squeezes should be in the frame.

+ It is forbidden to rest against the body and surrounding objects. It is forbidden to use plasters and bandages on the hands and on the handles of the GM150.

+ Be careful to remove the other hand in time, that is, before squeezing the handles of the GM150 .

+ You need to send the original video to telegram ( ) Vano Sukhashvili. Please provide your country, first name, last name and current weight.

Decisions on all points of dispute are made at the discretion of the judges and with a high degree of probability may not be made in your favor. To increase your chances of success, we strongly recommend:

+ record video in such a way that the numbers of the power meter are visible in the video camera from the moment of zeroing until the moment when the second hand releases the frame of the power meter

+ do not stray far from the video camera.

3. If your result claims one of the first three places, then you need to:

+ After showing the result on the GM150, in the same video, hang a load on the GM150 in the form of factory-made pancakes with the specified nominal value, at least 20 kg. You can view a sample check here.

+ A video confirming your weight. In the video, you should be in full height.

If there are any questions, the judge may request additional verification for any result.

Revision of the rules dated 03/18/24