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Someone squeezes the hand grippers, someone lifts the Apollon's Axle and pulls the Rolling Thunder, and someone likes to chop wood. Whose grip is stronger? We can't say for sure, but we can compare the strength of champions on the same device: Gripmeter (dynamometer) GM150!

фото GM150

The GM150 dynamometer is a competitive device for measuring hand strength (not a medical device). Name in the manufacturer's language: "гриппермания, силомер (динамометр) GM150".

It is designed to record the strength of the hands, to track the progress of the strength of the squeezing grip and to participate in competitions. Find out more details.

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Friends, do not be afraid to send your results to GM150 and participate in competitions! Every year we hold a competitive season. You can get acquainted with the results of past competitions, as well as see the results of the current season, in the competitions section.

All personal records of competitors are entered in a single list of GM150 records.

If you want to buy a dynamometer-read the article how to buy GM150.

In addition, please pay your attention to a unique project - Grippermania Certification!
The most serious test for fans of hand expanders (grippers)! We have spent a lot of effort, time and money to make it for you. Without false modesty, we can say that this is the best certification in the world!
Currently, we carry out certification for hand expanders with a 20 mm block, no set and certification of Chestcrash! To participate in the certification, you need to read the details.