Evgeniy Schwartz

Grip Strength, and the development of the forearm, I started practicing at the end of January 2019 ... Nikitos got me on this sport, Nikitos from Volgograd, he was already in the subject a long time ago, so he helps me in training and advice !! !! One of the reasons why I decided to take up Grip Strength is because I have cerebral palsy since childhood . My left side, leg, and arm do not work well. for this we will develop. and grow in a place with you, and motivate each other !!! My goal is to get certified on CoC 3 TNS.

  • Country
  • Weight
    220 lbs
    100 kg
  • Year of birth
    30 years
    1994 year
  • Height
    5' 5"
    165 cm
  • GM-150
    107.6 kg
Evgeniy Schwartz
Results summary GM150
RankingAll time20212020
Class 90904999.451299.45-
Class 95954997.301397.30-
Class 10010033107.6014107.6010100.70
Class 1101103195.90--
Class 1151152399.65--
Results on GM150 dynamometer
DateHandCoef, %CoefDyn, kgKgWeight, kgVideo
11/09/2021R 107.60 107.60100link
10/25/2021R 103.90 103.90100link
02/25/2021R 110.50 99.4590link
02/07/2021R 102.42 97.3095link
01/05/2021R 97.42 96.4599link
12/27/2020R 101.72 100.7099link
12/20/2020R 97.74 97.2599.5link
11/01/2019R 88.19 99.65113link
06/21/2019L 34.11 36.50107link
06/20/2019L 31.03 33.20107link
06/19/2019L 30.14 32.25107link
06/13/2019R 89.63 95.90107link
06/07/2019L 25.56 27.35107link
06/06/2019R 81.92 87.65107link
06/06/2019L 21.21 22.70107link